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Questions About Availability of SPICE Kernels

SPICE data produced by NAIF are offered through this web site. This includes formally archived data sets, operations data from active missions, generic kernels, and some pre-SPICE-era data that have been "restored" into SPICE formats.

SPICE data produced by other NASA centers and archived with the NAIF node of the PDS are also available here.

Mission operations SPICE data produced by ESA (ESAC) for Mars Express (MEX), Venus Express (VEX) and Rosetta are mirrored here. Once archival SPICE data increments are produced for these missions, those data will be available here in addition to being available from the primary location in ESA's Planetary Science Archive (PSA).

SPICE data produced by other foreign space agencies may or may not be available from those agencies. Check our Useful Links page for further information.

NAIF has some additional SPICE data that are undergoing restoration—pieces of which may be available. Galileo and Voyager are examples.

Contact NAIF if you have questions about availability of ancillary data not posted under the "Data" section of this site.

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