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The SPICE Toolkit

The current SPICE Toolkit version is N0067, released January 3, 2022.

The Toolkit license and other important considerations are contained within these rules.

The SPICE Toolkit is comprised of several items.

  1. A large collection of user-level application program interfaces (APIs) and underlying subroutines and functions, provided as source code with extensive user-focused documentation (code headers).
  2. A ready-to-use library made from the APIs, subroutines and functions described in 1.
  3. A small set of ready-built utility (application) programs, along with their associated User Guides. These are programs thought to be of use to many SPICE users. (Additional utility programs are available from the Utilities link on the NAIF website.)
  4. A set of technical reference documents—one for each major SPICE functional area.
  5. A few additional documents that describe the contents and structure of a Toolkit package, highlight and provide small usage examples of the most popular APIs, and provide a permuted index based on the abstracts for all modules.

The SPICE Toolkit is offered in the languages listed below. For each language it is available for several computing environments (platform/operating system/compiler). The Toolkit version number shown above applies to all of these environments.

Third parties offer wrappers in other languages (e.g. Python, Ruby, etc.) that work with the C toolkits. Check Useful Links for details.

Be sure to read the two tutorials aimed at getting your installation well done: 07_installing toolkit and 11_preparing_for_programming.

SPICE Utility Programs

Any of the SPICE utility and application programs available in the Toolkit may be obtained individually from this location, along with an ASCII version of the associated User's Guide. This on-line collection includes additional utilities that are NOT provided in the Toolkit packages mentioned above.

Compatibility and Porting Issues

Compatibility issues could affect your attempt at installing and using the Toolkit, especially if your version of the operating system or your version of a compiler or Matlab or IDL is different from what NAIF used in building the Toolkit you have downloaded.

NAIF recommends you not try porting the Toolkit to an unsupported environment because of the likelihood of numeric and optimization problems.

If you are having trouble getting the Toolkit to work in a supported environment, or you have been unsuccessful in porting the Toolkit to an unsupported environment, look at the Toolkit Installation Problems page.


Before downloading and installing any of the SPICE Toolkits please check our Bugs page for any issues that may pertain to an installation.

Regression Tests

While no SPICE regression test code is included in the official toolkit packages (except for alpha-test JNISpice), NAIF makes special test packages called "tspice" for FORTRAN, "tspice_c" for C, "ticy" for IDL, and "tmice" for MATLAB, for a subset of environments available in this directory on the NAIF server.

Earlier Versions of the Toolkit

Earlier versions of FORTRAN, C, IDL, and MATLAB toolkit packages are still available on the NAIF server and can be obtained from these locations: N0058, N0059 (+ N0059 patches), N0060, N0061, N0062, N0063, N0064, N0065, N0066 (+ N0066 patches).

Earlier versions of JNI toolkit packages are available at N0064, N0065, N0066.

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