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Utility and Application Programs

Some of these programs are used to produce SPICE kernels, while others are used to manage, manipulate or summarize SPICE kernels. Two SPICE tutorials provide overviews and examples of using these utilities: "toolkit_apps" and "non_toolkit_apps."

Each of the SPICE utility and application programs is offered—stand alone—for the computer environments listed below. Plain text versions of the associated User Guide are also available for download.

This on-line collection includes a number of utilities and application programs not available in Toolkit distributions.

To use any of these utilities or application programs, download the version appropriate for your workstation and run it from a terminal window. (You cannot run these utilities from inside an IDL or MATLAB shell.) If you anticipate using the utility a lot you may find it convenient to add the location of the program to your path in your .cshrc or equivalent.

Utilities for MacIntel_OSX_64bit
Utilities for PC_Cygwin_64bit
Utilities for PC_Linux_32bit
Utilities for PC_Linux_64bit
Utilities for PC_Windows_32bit
Utilities for PC_Windows_64bit
Utilities for SunSPARC_32bit

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