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Toolkit Documentation

A set of customer-focused documentation is included in each SPICE Toolkit package, provided in both hyperlinked HTML format and in plain text format.

All of that documentation is also available using the links below.

Where needed—especially in example code—the documents are language specific.

HTML Toolkit Documents for C

HTML Toolkit Documents for FORTRAN

HTML Toolkit Documents for IDL

HTML Toolkit Documents for MATLAB

HTML Toolkit Documents for Java Native Interface (JNI), in alpha-test status

Note: This HTML documentation set does not include User Guides for a few utility programs that are not included in the Toolkit but are available from this website. Access to those utilities and their User Guides (text format only) is available from the Utility and Application Programs page.

Also avalable, and probably the best documentation for someone new to SPICE, is a set of SPICE tutorials.

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