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Live Training

The SPICE training class planned for Arizona State University on May 26-27, 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus.

The European Space Agency planned on holding a beginner's class at its ESAC facility near Madrid, Spain, in the Summer of 2020. However, it has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus. You might check out ESAC's Training link for news about when they might host a class in the future.

Dates for the next domestic class have not been set, but it seems unlikely to occur before the Summer of 2022.

SPICE taining classes are free of charge, but students must pay for all travel, lodging and per diem costs. Attendance is generally open to all, but may be limited according to room size or for other reasons.

It may be possible to hold classes elsewhere, with support from the host and with NASA approval. If you are interested in SPICE training classes you might talk to your space agency's management about hosting a local training class.

Self Training

Self training is another option you might consider. This option makes use of the same tutorials and lessons used in the live training classes. The programming lessons contain helpful tips and drawings, and all needed data. They also contain the code "solutions" and expected numeric results. So this really is a viable second choice.

No Video Training

Because of the importance of the hands-on programming lessons that are part of the SPICE training, NAIF does not offer recoded (e.g. YouTube) training.

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