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Contact Information

Supported customers may contact any of the NAIF staff regarding questions, problems or suggestions related to using SPICE. In case you don't already know a specific person, perhaps its best to contact the NAIF manager who will enlist additional help as needed. E-mail is the preferred method of contact.

NAIF will reply to your contact as soon as feasible. But please be aware that an immediate reply is not always possible due to numerous flight project commitments and occasional unavailability of staff. If your request for help demands an immediate response, please let us know and send your request to at least two NAIF staff.

If you've not received an answer to an earlier request, don't hesitate to write again: sometimes messages get overlooked or misplaced in the press of daily business.

The NAIF Team

Sometimes it's helpful to have a picture of someone you talked to earlier. Photos of The NAIF Team are available here.

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