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Known Bugs in the Current Toolkit

Major bugs.

  • None known.

    Minor bugs, unlikely to affect most users.

  • A bug in the N0067 version of the SPICELIB routine TISBOD limits SPICE's ability to compute body orientation from text PCK files. Derivatives of third-degree phase angle polynomials are computed incorrectly. Lower-order phase angle polynomials are not affected.

    This bug will have no effect on most users, because the malfunctioning software feature is not needed in order to use any PCKs released by NAIF, any PDS archived PCKs, nor any mission's operational PCKs.

    However SPICE users must avoid creating custom text PCKs that use the feature.

  • The Icy and Mice N0067 toolkit packages distributed between 01/03/22 and 02/04/22 included incomplete text (frames.req) and HTML (frames.html) versions of the Frames Required Reading document.

  • Time conversions involving UTC time tags prior to Jan 1, 1972 will have a small error.
  • The scratch EK file issue in Icy on PC/Windows described in the N0061 section of the "" document still persists in the current Toolkit.
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