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Known Bugs in the Current Toolkit

Major bugs.

  • None known.

    Minor bugs, unlikely to affect most users.

  • 3/19/18 - An error in the TIMOUT API exists when one uses the "UTC-x" output form and outputs decimal hours: the fractional portion gets rounded. Thanks to Jacob WIlliams of ERC, Inc. for reporting this error.

  • 8/9/17 - A bug, not very likely to be encountered, exists in the DSK subsystem of the N0066 Toolkits. Read the announcement (PDF) for details.

  • Time conversions involving UTC time tags prior to Jan 1, 1972 will have a small error.
  • The scratch EK file issue in Icy on PC/Windows described in the N0061 section of the "" document still persists in the current Toolkit.
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