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Known Bugs in the Current Toolkit

Major bugs.

  • None known.

    Minor bugs, unlikely to affect most users.

  • 5/21/19 - cspice_unload does not unload a set of kernels when passed to the routine as a vector of kernel names. cspice_unload operates as expected only in the scalar case. The N67 Mice release will include the correction to this problem.

  • 3/19/18 - An error in the TIMOUT API exists when one uses the "UTC-x" output form and outputs decimal hours: the fractional portion gets rounded. Thanks to Jacob WIlliams of ERC, Inc. for reporting this error.

  • Issues with MATLAB versions R2016a or newer in the Linux 64-bit environment. The N66 "Mice" Toolkit will work with these newer versions of MATLAB just fine as long as you do not recompile the Mice code, which should be the case for most Mice users. However, should you execute the mice build script provided in this particular Toolkit, you will get failures. Workarounds that do NOT require changing any source code are available from NAIF.

  • 8/9/17 - A bug, not very likely to be encountered, exists in the DSK subsystem of the N0066 Toolkits. Read the announcement (PDF) for details.

  • Time conversions involving UTC time tags prior to Jan 1, 1972 will have a small error.
  • The scratch EK file issue in Icy on PC/Windows described in the N0061 section of the "" document still persists in the current Toolkit.
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