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01/10/23 - NAIF with the ESA SPICE Service (ESS) announce that the next SPICE training in Europe will be held on April 17-21, 2023 at the European Space and Astronomy Center (ESAC/ESA), Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain. For more details about the class, please see the ESS SPICE Training site. To sign up for the class, please use the class registration form.

01/10/23 - The IERS announced there will NOT be a new leap second declared at midnight on June 30, 2023 (IERS Bulletin C 65). As a consequence, the current SPICE LSK, naif0012.tls, will remain current until at least January 01, 2024.

12/29/22 - NAIF announces release of the new SPICE-Enhanced Cosmographia Version 4.2. This release is focused on a single major change -- upgrading the Python version used internally and in the program scripting interface from version 2 to 3, including providing scripting support on Windows environment where it was not previously available. For full details see the Cosmographia 4.2 Release Announcement and Installation Notes document.

12/27/22 - NAIF announces the release of updated generic PCKs based on "Report of the IAU Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements: 2015".

Due to extension of the Mars system rotation model in the 2015 Report that could not be accommodated by earlier SPICE Toolkits, this update consists of two files:

  • pck00011.tpc, compatible with Toolkit version N0067 or later. Data in this file, other than orientation data for the Mars system, are usable by older Toolkits.

  • pck00011_n0066.tpc, compatible with Toolkit version N0066 or earlier. Phobos orientation data in this file have been modified, and slightly degraded, to make them usable by older Toolkit versions.

NAIF recommends caution and careful consideration in adopting these new PCKs, especially for on-going flight projects and well established analysis activities, as some rotation models in this PCK (e.g. Mercury, Mars, Neptune, etc.) differ significantly from those provided in the previous generic PCK (pck00010.tpc).

For complete details about these new PCK files please refer to their internal comments.

11/28/22 - NAIF announces the deployment of the new WebGeocalc version 2.5.4 on both NAIF's WebGeocalc servers WGC (GUI only) and WGC2 (GUI and API). This new version adds a new Pointing Direction calculation both in WGC GUI and in the WGC Web API. This calculation computes the pointing direction of a user specified vector position, velocity, instrument boresight, instrument FOV boundary vector, reference frame axis, or an arbitrary vector in a user specified reference frame and outputs it as a unit or full magnitude vector represented in a user specified coordinate system.

08/05/22 - NAIF offers a SPICE Newsletter.

04/13/22 - The NAIF team is seeking to hire a team member whose primary job will be the development of the next generation SPICE Toolkit (SPICE 2.0), implemented in C++11. The complete details about this position and instructions for applying are available at the JPL Careers website.

01/10/22 - NAIF announces release of the alpha-test Java Native Interface SPICE (JNISpice) Toolkits based on the new generic SPICE Toolkit N0067. The capabilities of these alpha-test JNISpice Tookits have been beefed up, bringing the supported functionality largely into line with that of CSPICE. For all new and revised capabilities of these Toolkits see the Whats's New in N0067 JNISpice document.

01/03/22 - NAIF announces release of the Version N67 Toolkits, with numerous additions and updates including new high level APIs (tangent point, target separation, azimuth and elevation coordinate conversions), support for two new frames types ("switch" and "product" frames), large numbers of new C, IDL, and MATLAB wrapper APIs, and substantial API header documentation improvements. For all new and revised N67 capabilities see the section "Version 67" of the Whats's New in SPICE Toolkit document.

12/15/20 - After 49 years Chuck Acton has retired from NASA/JPL and the PDS. Boris Semenov has been appointed as the new NAIF Group Supervisor and PDS NAIF Node Manager.

01/28/20 - While access to SPICE data on the NAIF server via anonymous ftp remains possible as of now, it seems more-and-more likely that that protocol will be disallowed in the future. Customers using ftp should consider changing to another means of data access such as https, wget or curl. Look here for a GSFC webpage providing useful information on this topic.

10/01/18 - New NASA cybersecurity policy has required that NAIF immediately make some changes to some of its publicly available web pages. In particular we were required to add a NASA-mandated header and footer to every web page, even to pages that show directory listings for project and PDS SPICE data directories. We believe this should have minimal or no effect on our users, but cannot be certain of this. We urge users of the NAIF server to quickly check any automated access to NAIF’s pages.

Some NAIF/SPICE users make use of the Unix wget command to obtain new mission data on a regular basis. You might have to modify your wget command to reject all additional HTML files that might appear due to this change (using the "--reject 'index.html*'" option). CURL and other data transfer commands may need equivalent changes.

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