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Toolkit Installation Problems

Compatibility Issues

Here we list what we currently know about incompatibility of the SPICE Toolkit with versions of the operating system, compiler, MATLAB or IDL that are different from the versions we used in building the Toolkit packages available at this website. This is a quite limited assessment because we are simply unable to check compatibility with all of the available versions of all of the operating systems, compilers and MATLAB and IDL packages being used by the space science community.

  • Issue with linking to the pre-compiled CSPICE library on Windows Microsoft Visual Studio (MS VS) 2015 or later. Due to non-backward compatible changes in MS VS , linking to the static CSPICE library (cspice.lib) provided in the CSPICE Windows toolkits compiled with MS VS 2008 on MS VS 2015 or later will fail with error "LNK2019: link to unresolved external symbol ___iob_func" messages. Recompiling the toolkit by running the "makeall.bat" script from the "cspice\" directory in a DOS command window set up with correct MS VS environment variables should rebuild the library and fix this problem.

  • Issues with MATLAB versions R2016a or newer in the Linux 64-bit environment. The N66 "Mice" Toolkit will work with these newer versions of MATLAB just fine as long as you do not recompile the Mice code, which should be the case for most Mice users. However, should you execute the mice build script provided in this particular Toolkit, you will get failures. Workarounds that do NOT require changing any source code are available from NAIF.

  • Issue with IDL 8.4
    A warning or error may signal during compiles of Icy (or dskicy) against IDL 8.4. To date, users report problems when compiling Icy with gcc version 4.8.2 on Linux and Apple LLVM version 6.0 (clang-600.0.57) on OS X 10.9.x. An irregularity exists within the IDL header file idl_export.h where a comment line is delimited with // (appropriate for C++) rather than /* ... */ (appropriate for C).

    The specific problematic line says:
    // BOOLEAN: Check if var is a BOOLEAN

    Editing the line to a proper C format
    /* BOOLEAN: Check if var is a BOOLEAN */

    should eliminate associated warning and error messages.

    Please contact NAIF if you have questions, or the edit seems not to resolve your problem.

    Porting Issues

    Trying to use the Toolkit in an unsupported environment might work, but could be problematic—their are often numeric and optimization issues. NAIF suggests you avoid trying this.

    If you do try porting the Toolkit to an unsupported environment you should rebuild the toolkit using the provided makeall.csh or makeall.bat script, and then obtain and run NAIF's test harness on the newly built Toolkit. For version N0066 toolkits, look here for the tspice packages. These are named tspice for Fortran, tspice_c for C, tmice for MATLAB, and ticy for IDL.

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