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Toolkits are available in the FORTRAN language for the platforms listed below.

Mac/Intel, OSX, Intel FORTRAN (IFORT), 32bit
Mac/Intel, OSX, Intel FORTRAN (IFORT), 64bit
Mac/Intel, OSX, gfortran, 32bit
Mac/Intel, OSX, gfortran, 64bit
PC, CYGWIN, gfortran, 32bit
PC, CYGWIN, gfortran, 64bit
PC, Linux, Intel FORTRAN (IFORT), 32bit
PC, Linux, Intel FORTRAN (IFORT), 64bit
PC, Linux, g77, 32bit
PC, Linux, gfortran, 32bit
PC, Linux, gfortran, 64bit
PC, Windows, Intel FORTRAN (IFORT), 32bit
PC, Windows, Intel FORTRAN (IFORT), 64bit
Sun/Intel, Solaris, Sun FORTRAN, 32bit
Sun/Intel, Solaris, Sun FORTRAN, 64bit
Sun/SPARC, Solaris, Sun FORTRAN, 32bit
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