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Questions About How to Use a SPICE API (Subroutine)

All SPICE APIs (subroutines) include substantial user documentation, provided in a consistent form. This documentation is provided at the top of every API in what is called the "header." For FORTRAN versions it also occurs at every entry point within an API for those APIs where multiple entry points are defined.

The "header" information may be viewed by opening up the relevant source code API using any available text editor or text viewer. Even easier access to these headers is obtained using the Toolkit's HTML documentation capabilities, accessible from the /doc/html/index.html file contained in every Toolkit, and also from the html documentation pages of this website.

Extensive additional documentation about all members of major families of APIs (e.g. the SPK family or the rotations family) is provided in a series of reference documents often referred to as "required reading" documents. These documents are provided in the /doc directory within each Toolkit, and may also be accessed from the html documentation pages of this website.

A compendium of the approximately 100 Most Used APIs showing calling sequences and some examples is provided in each Toolkit. This document is also available from the html documentation pages of this website.

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