[Spice_announce] New Version N0067 Toolkits

Boris Semenov Boris.Semenov at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jan 3 13:19:17 PST 2022

NAIF is pleased to announce availability of the suite of version N0067 
Toolkits available in Fortran 77, C, IDL and MATLAB.

The primary new additions and updates to the toolkit are:

     * new high level APIs: tangent point, target separation,
       azimuth and elevation coordinate conversions

     * support for two new frames types: "switch" and "product" frames

     * time system extensions: support for Z in input ISO style
       UTC times, support for GPS time in UNITIM

     * large numbers of new C, IDL, and MATLAB wrapper APIs

     * substantial API header documentation improvements: addition of
       complete executable examples in most high-level API headers;
       extension of IDL and MATLAB API headers to be complete

All new and revised capabilities are documented in the Whats's New 
document provided in each toolkit package and on the NAIF server: 

You can find the new Toolkit packages in the usual locations on the NAIF 
server, starting from here:  https://naif.jpl.nasa.gov/naif/toolkit.html

These toolkits are backwards compatible with previous toolkit releases: 
you should be able to relink any SPICE-aware application to the 
appropriate N0067 Toolkit libraries and expect that application to work as

NAIF strongly encourages you to switch to the N0067 Toolkit appropriate 
for your computing environment as soon as convenient. (Pay attention to 
selecting the 32-bit or 64-bit version, as appropriate for your hardware!)

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