[Spice_announce] New Version alpha-test JNISpice Toolkits

Boris Semenov Boris.Semenov at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jan 10 07:18:21 PST 2022

NAIF is pleased to announce availability of the suite of alpha-test Java 
Native Interface SPICE (JNISpice) Toolkits based on the new generic 
SPICE Toolkit N0067.

The capabilities of these alpha-test JNISpice Tookits, produced in 
parallel with the generic N0067 Toolkit, have been beefed up, bringing 
the supported functionality largely into line with that of CSPICE. The 
alpha-test JNISpice Toolkits have also been in use for quite some time 
and are considered by NAIF to be quite safe to use. Now they are even 
better, but the documentation is not yet up to NAIF standards, so this 
set of Toolkits will retain its “alpha-test” status for a while longer.

All new and revised capabilities of these Toolkits are documented in the 
"What's New in N0067 JNISpice" document provided on the NAIF server: 

You can find these new JNISpice packages in the usual location on the 
NAIF server: https://naif.jpl.nasa.gov/pub/naif/misc/JNISpice.

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