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Required Reading


   CSPICE_KDATA returns data for the nth kernel among a list of specified
   kernel types.



      which   index of the kernel to fetch (matching the type specified by
              kind) from the list of kernels loaded using cspice_furnsh but
              not unloaded using cspice_unload or cleared by cspice_klear.

              [1,1] = size(which); int32 = class(which)

              The range of 'which' is 1 to 'count', where 'count' is
              the number of kernels loaded via cspice_furnsh. Retrieve
              this value from a cspice_ktotal call.  See the
              Examples section for an illustrative code fragment.

     kind     list of types of kernels to consider when fetching kernels from
              the list of loaded kernels.

              [1,c1] = size(kind), char = class(kind)


              [1,1] = size(kind), cell = class(kind)

              'kind' should consist of a list of words of kernels to
              examine. Recognized types are

                 'SPK'  --- All SPK files are counted in the total.
                 'CK'   --- All CK files are counted in the total.
                 'PCK'  --- All binary PCK files are counted in the
                 'DSK'  --- All DSK files are counted in the total.
                 'EK'   --- All EK files are counted in the total.
                 'TEXT' --- All text kernels that are not meta-text
                          kernels are included in the total.
                 'META' --- All meta-text kernels are counted in the
                 'ALL'  --- Every type of kernel is counted in the

              'kind' lacks case sensitivity. The cspice_kdata algorithm
              ignores words in 'kind' if not one of those listed above.

              See the routine cspice_ktotal for example use 'kind'.

   the call:

      [file, filtyp, source, handle, found] = cspice_kdata(which, kind)


      file     name of the file having index 'which' in the sequence of files
               of type 'kind' currently loaded via cspice_furnsh. 'file'
               returns empty if no loaded kernels match the specification of
               'which' and 'kind'.

               [1,m] = size(file); char = class(file)

      filtyp   name of the type of kernel specified by 'file'. 'filtyp' will
               be empty if no loaded kernels match the specification of
               'which' and 'kind'.

               [1,m] = size(filtyp); char = class(filtyp)

      source   name of the source file used to specify file as one to load. If
               file was loaded directly via a call to cspice_furnsh, 'source'
               will be empty. If there is no file matching the specification
               of which and kind, 'source' will be empty.

               [1,m] = size(source); char = class(source)

      handle   handle attached to file if it is a binary kernel.  If file is a
               text kernel or meta-text kernel handle will be zero.  If there
               is no file matching the specification of 'which' and 'kind',
               'handle' will be set to zero.

               [1,1] = size(handle); int32 = class(handle)

      found    flag indicating if a file matching the specification of 'which'
               and 'kind' exists. If there no such file exists, 'found'
               returns false (if 'found' returns as false, all return strings
               are empty, not null).

               [1,1] = size(found); logical = class(found)


   Any numerical results shown for this example may differ between
   platforms as the results depend on the SPICE kernels used as input
   and the machine specific arithmetic implementation.

      Use the meta-kernel shown below to load the required SPICE


         File name:

         This meta-kernel is intended to support operation of SPICE
         example programs. The kernels shown here should not be
         assumed to contain adequate or correct versions of data
         required by SPICE-based user applications.

         In order for an application to use this meta-kernel, the
         kernels referenced here must be present in the user's
         current working directory.

         The names and contents of the kernels referenced
         by this meta-kernel are as follows:

            File name                     Contents
            ---------                     --------
            de421.bsp                     Planetary ephemeris
            pck00009.tpc                  Planet orientation and
            naif0009.tls                  Leapseconds


            KERNELS_TO_LOAD = ( 'de421.bsp',
                                'naif0009.tls'  )



      % Load several kernel files.
      cspice_furnsh( '' )

      % Count the number of loaded kernel files.
      count = cspice_ktotal( 'ALL' );

      % Loop over the count, outputting file information as we loop.
      % The loop tells us all files loaded via cspice_furnsh, their
      % type, and how they were loaded.
      for i = 1:count+1

         [ file, type, source, handle, found ] = ...
                                          cspice_kdata( i, 'ALL');

         if ( found )
            fprintf( 'Index : %d\n', i     );
            fprintf( 'File  : %s\n', file  );
            fprintf( 'Type  : %s\n', type  );
            fprintf( 'Source: %s\n\n', source);


            fprintf( 'No kernel found with index: %d\n', i );



      % It's always good form to unload kernels after use,
      % particularly in Mice due to data persistence.

   MATLAB outputs:

      Index : 1
      File  :
      Type  : META

      Index : 2
      File  : de421.bsp
      Type  : SPK

      Index : 3
      File  : pck00009.tpc
      Type  : TEXT

      Index : 4
      File  : naif0009.tls
      Type  : TEXT

      No kernel found with index: 5



Required Reading

   For important details concerning this module's function, please refer to
   the CSPICE routine kdata_c.



   -Mice Version 2.0.0, 20-JAN-2016, EDW (JPL), NJB (JPL)

       Correected "Usage" string to include 'found'.

       Header update to expand argument descriptions and
       reflect support for use of DSKs

   -Mice Version 1.2.0, 12-MAR-2012, EDW (JPL), SCK (JPL)

      "logical" call replaced with "zzmice_logical."

      I/O descriptions edits to parallel the Icy version.

      Edited I/O section to conform to NAIF standard for Mice documentation.

      Edits to Example section, proper description of ""
      meta kernel.

   -Mice Version 1.0.1, 06-MAY-2009, EDW (JPL)

      Added MICE.REQ reference to the Required Reading section.

   -Mice Version 1.0.0, 30-MAR-2007, EDW (JPL)


   Retrieve information on loaded SPICE kernels

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