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Required Reading


   CSPICE_FRINFO retrieves the minimal attributes associated with a
   frame needed for converting transformations to and from it.



     frcode   a SPICE ID for some reference frame.

              [1,n] = size(frcode); int32 = class(frcode)

   the call:

      [cent, clss, clssid, found] = cspice_frinfo( frcode )


      cent     the SPICE body ID for the center of the reference frame
               (if such an ID is appropriate).

               [1,n] = size(cent); int32 = class(cent)

      clss     the class ID or type of the frame. This identifies which
               subsystem will perform frame transformations.

               [1,n] = size(clss); int32 = class(clss)

      clssid   the ID used for the frame within its class. This may be
               different from the frame ID.

               [1,n] = size(clssid); int32 = class(clssid)

      found    flag returning true if 'cent', 'frclss' and 'frcode' are
               available, false if not.

               [1,n] = size(found); logical = class(found)

               'cent', 'clss', 'clssid' and 'found' return with the same
               vectorization measure (N) as 'frcode'.


   Any numerical results shown for this example may differ between
   platforms as the results depend on the SPICE kernels used as input
   and the machine specific arithmetic implementation.

      % Retrieve frame information for a scalar 'code'.
      disp('Scalar' )
      code = 13000;

      [cent, clss, clssid, found] = cspice_frinfo( code );
      fprintf(' code   center  class  class_ID  found\n' );
      fprintf( '%d    %d      %d     %d        %d\n', ...
               code, cent, clss, clssid, int32(found) );

      % Retrieve frame information for a vector of 'codes'.
      disp('Vector' )
      codes = [1:5];

      [cent, clss, clssid, found] = cspice_frinfo( codes );

      fprintf( 'code center class class_ID found\n')
      fprintf( '%d    %d      %d     %d        %d\n', ...
             [codes; cent; clss; clssid; int32(found) ] );

   MATLAB outputs:

       code   center  class  class_ID  found
      13000    399      2     3000        1

      code center class class_ID found
      1    0      1     1        1
      2    0      1     2        1
      3    0      1     3        1
      4    0      1     4        1
      5    0      1     5        1


   This is a low level routine needed by state transformation
   software to transform states and attitudes between different
   reference frames.

   The routine first examines local "hard-coded" information about
   reference frames to see if the requested frame belongs to this
   set.  If it does that information is returned.

   If the requested information is not stored locally, the routine
   then examines the kernel pool to see if the requested information
   is stored there.  If it is and has the expected format, the data
   is retrieved and returned.

Required Reading

   For important details concerning this module's function, please refer to
   the CSPICE routine frinfo_c.



   -Mice Version 1.0.0, 12-MAR-2012, EDW (JPL), SCK (JPL)


   fetch reference frame attributes

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