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Required Reading


   CSPICE_DTPOOL returns descriptive data about a kernel pool variable



     name   name(s) of variables whose values are to be returned.

            [n,c1] = size(name); char = class(name)


            [1,n] = size(name); cell = class(name)

   the call:

      [found, n, type] = cspice_dtpool(name)


      found   flag(s) returning as true if the variable 'name' exists in the
              pool; false if not.

              [1,n] = size(found); logical = class(found)

      n       the number of values associated with 'name'. If 'name' does not 
              exist in the pool, 'n' returns with the value 0.

              [1,n] = size(n); int32 = class(n)

      type    indicating the variable type associated with 'name'.

              [n,1] = size(type); char = class(type)

                  C if the data is character data
                  N if the data is numeric
                  X if there is no variable name in the pool

              'found', 'n', and 'type' return with the same vectorization
               measure, N, as 'name'.


   Any numerical results shown for this example may differ between
   platforms as the results depend on the SPICE kernels used as input
   and the machine specific arithmetic implementation.

      Use the meta-kernel shown below to load the required SPICE


         File name:

         This meta-kernel is intended to support operation of SPICE
         example programs. The kernels shown here should not be
         assumed to contain adequate or correct versions of data
         required by SPICE-based user applications.

         In order for an application to use this meta-kernel, the
         kernels referenced here must be present in the user's
         current working directory.

         The names and contents of the kernels referenced
         by this meta-kernel are as follows:

            File name                     Contents
            ---------                     --------
            de421.bsp                     Planetary ephemeris
            pck00009.tpc                  Planet orientation and
            naif0009.tls                  Leapseconds


            KERNELS_TO_LOAD = ( 'de421.bsp',
                                'naif0009.tls'  )



      % Load a leapsecond kernel.
      cspice_furnsh('' )

      % Check for the variables defined in the leapseconds kernel
      % and a name probably (hopefully) not in the kernel pool.
      lmpoolNames  = strvcat(              ...
                    'DELTET/DELTA_T_A',    ...
                    'DELTET/K',            ...
                    'DELTET/EB',           ...
                    'DELTET/M',            ...
                    'ECHO419',             ...
                    'DELTET/DELTA_AT',     ...
                    'EVERLASTING_GOBSTOPPER' );

      [found, n, dtype] = cspice_dtpool( lmpoolNames );

      for i = 1:size(lmpoolNames,1)

         name = lmpoolNames(i,:);

         if (found(i))
            fprintf( 'Variable name : %s\n', name       )
            fprintf( 'Variable size : %d\n', n(i)       )
            fprintf( 'Variable type : %s\n\n', dtype(i) )
            fprintf( 'Unable to find variable name : %s\n\n', name )


      % It's always good form to unload kernels after use,
      % particularly in MATLAB due to data persistence.

   MATLAB outputs:

      Variable name : DELTET/DELTA_T_A
      Variable size : 1
      Variable type : N

      Variable name : DELTET/K
      Variable size : 1
      variable type : N

      Variable name : DELTET/EB
      Variable size : 1
      Variable type : N

      Variable name : DELTET/M
      Variable size : 2
      Variable type : N

      Unable to find variable name : ECHO419

      Variable name : DELTET/DELTA_AT
      Variable size : 48
      Variable type : N

      Unable to find variable name : EVERLASTING_GOBSTOPPER


   A sister version of this routine exists named mice_dtpool that returns
   the output arguments as fields in a single structure.

Required Reading

   For important details concerning this module's function, please refer to
   the CSPICE routine dtpool_c.



   -Mice Version 1.0.3, 03-DEC-2014, EDW (JPL)

       Edited I/O section to conform to NAIF standard for Mice documentation.

   -Mice Version 1.0.2, 12-MAR-2012, EDW (JPL), SCK (JPL)

      Edited I/O section to conform to NAIF standard for Mice documentation.

      Edits to Example section, proper description of ""
      meta kernel.

   -Mice Version 1.0.1, 06-MAY-2009, EDW (JPL)

      Added MICE.REQ reference to the Required Reading section.

   -Mice Version 1.0.0, 07-MAR-2007, EDW (JPL)


   return summary information about a kernel pool variable

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