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Required Reading


   CSPICE_DLAFNS finds the segment following a specified segment in a
   DLA file.



      handle    the DAS integer handle associated with the file to be
                searched. This handle is used to identify the file in
                subsequent calls to other DLA or DAS routines.

                [1,1] = size(handle); int32 = class(handle)

      dladsc    the descriptor of the a DLA segment in the file
                associated with `handle'.

                [SPICE_DLA_DSCSIZ,1]  = size(dladsc)
                                int32 = class(dladsc)

   the call:

      [nxtdsc, found] = cspice_dlafns( handle, dladsc )


      nxtdsc    the descriptor of the next DLA segment following the
                segment associated with the input argument `descr'.

                `nxtdsc' is valid only if the output argument `found'
                is true.

                [8,1] = size(nxtdsc); int32 = class(nxtdsc)

      found     a logical flag indicating whether the next segment was
                found.  `found' has the value true if the segment
                was found; otherwise `found' is false.

                [1,1] = size(found); logical = class(found)


   Any numerical results shown for this example may differ between
   platforms as the results depend on the SPICE kernels used as input
   and the machine specific arithmetic implementation.

   Open a DLA file for read access, traverse the segment
   list from front to back, and display segment address
   and size attributes.

      function dlab_t( dla )

          % Constants
          SPICE_DLA_BWDIDX = 1;
          SPICE_DLA_FWDIDX = 2;
          SPICE_DLA_IBSIDX = 3;
          SPICE_DLA_ISZIDX = 4;
          SPICE_DLA_DBSIDX = 5;
          SPICE_DLA_DSZIDX = 6;
          SPICE_DLA_CBSIDX = 7;
          SPICE_DLA_CSZIDX = 8;

          % Open the DSK file for read access.
          % We use the DAS-level interface for
          % this function.
          handle = cspice_dasopr( dla );

          % Begin a forward search through the
          % kernel, treating the file as a DLA.
          % In this example, it's a very short
          % search.
          segno = 1;

          [dladsc, found] = cspice_dlabfs( handle );

          while  found

             % Display the contents of the current segment
             % descriptor.
             fprintf('Segment number = %d\n', segno )
             fprintf('   Backward segment pointer         = %d\n', ...
                                        dladsc(SPICE_DLA_BWDIDX) )
             fprintf('   Forward segment pointer          = %d\n', ...
                                        dladsc(SPICE_DLA_FWDIDX) )
             fprintf('   Integer component base address   = %d\n', ...
                                        dladsc(SPICE_DLA_IBSIDX) )
             fprintf('   Integer component size           = %d\n', ...
                                        dladsc(SPICE_DLA_ISZIDX) )
             fprintf('   D.p. component base address      = %d\n', ...
                                        dladsc(SPICE_DLA_DBSIDX) )
             fprintf('   D.p. component size              = %d\n', ...
                                        dladsc(SPICE_DLA_DSZIDX) )
             fprintf('   Character component base address = %d\n', ...
                                        dladsc(SPICE_DLA_CBSIDX) )
             fprintf('   Character component size         = %d\n', ...
                                        dladsc(SPICE_DLA_CSZIDX) )
             % Find the next segment.
             current = dladsc;
             segno = segno + 1;

             [dladsc, found] = cspice_dlafns( handle, current );


          % Close file.
          cspice_dascls( handle )

   MATLAB outputs:

      >> dlab_t( 'phobos_3_3.bds' )

      Segment number = 1

         Backward segment pointer         = -1
         Forward segment pointer          = -1
         Integer component base address   = 11
         Integer component size           = 3311271
         D.p. component base address      = 0
         D.p. component size              = 494554
         Character component base address = 0
         Character component size         = 0


   DLA files are built using the DAS low-level format; DLA files are
   a specialized type of DAS file in which data are organized as a
   doubly linked list of segments. Each segment's data belong to
   contiguous components of character, double precision, and integer

   This routine supports forward traversal of a DLA file's segment
   list. A forward traversal may be started from any segment in
   the file; it is not necessary to call CSPICE_DLABFS first. The role
   of CSPICE_DLABFS is simply to return the descriptor of the first
   segment in the file.

Required Reading

   For important details concerning this module's function, please
   refer to the CSPICE routine dlafns_c.



   -Mice Version 1.0.0, 05-MAY-2014, NJB, EDW (JPL)


   find next segment in dla file

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