[Spice_discussion] Python support for SPICE

Robert French rfrench at seti.org
Fri Sep 26 13:38:47 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I work with Mark Showalter. We have a Python/CSPICE interface that we 
use internally for all our projects, including powering the metadata at 
the PDS Rings Node. Our wrapper supports over 250 CSPICE calls and is 
fully integrated with Python including exception handling. It works on 
Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, both 32- and 64- bit. We are happy to 
share it with the community with the caveat that we are not able to 
provide any significant level of support.

The source code is available on GitHub:


Check out the README file in the root directory and the various make 
scripts for your operating system in the cspice directory. They contain 
explicit instructions for how to compile and use the library. Several 
pre-compiled object files are there as well, but there is no guarantee 
that they are all up to date. We only compile them as needed for our work.

Any questions can come to me: rfrench at seti.org

Rob French

P.S. We do all of our work in Python these days and have written well 
over 150,000 lines of code for our research. We love Python and think 
that anyone who is considering switching from IDL will be happy with 
their choice.

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