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FYI, for those interested in Python interfaces to SPICE.

Chuck Acton

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Subject: Re: A new Python wrapper for Spice, SpiceyPy

Hello again Mr. Acton, I just wanted to check in with you again and to update
you on the progress I have been making with my Python wrapper for CSPICE. Over
the past two months I have wrote a substantial number of tests for my python
functions, most of them are directly from the C and ICY documentation. The
purpose of these tests is that they are in a automated test suite, which can be
run to ensure that I made no breaking changes. I have fixed numerous errors in
my own code and I have also learned a lot about spice in general so although it
was a lot of work I am glad I made the decision to write them. As of now, and
this can be seen on the github page, I have around 82% test coverage, meaning
about 82% of the wrapper functions have some test called for it. What remains is
most of the event kernel functions and a number of spk related functions, as
well as the geometry finder functions. In essence there are around 100 functions
that remain untested. In other areas I have made some important changes such as
defaulting to exporting numpy arrays for functions that return numeric arrays
and matrices. I am also in the process of writing wrapper functions for the new
functions added in the N65 release, which I have at least partially completed.
   So while plenty of work remains, the wrapper is maturing. I will probably
email you again in another month or two, to give you another progress update. If
naif members find to time to try out SpiceyPy I would love feedback and or
contributions to the project via pull requests on github.

Thanks again,

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