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Bridgman, William T. William.T.Bridgman at nasa.gov
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Would it be worthwhile to make the python interface a open source  

On Dec 16, 2009, at 11:47 AM, Acton, Charles H (343N) wrote:

> On 12/16/09 5:05 AM, "K.-Michael Aye" <kmichael.aye at googlemail.com>  
> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I would like to renew my call for a Python interface for SPICE, and  
> I think, this time, I even have very good arguments! ;)
> Dear SPICE Users--
> Based on user requests, development of a Python interface to SPICE  
> has been on the NAIF work list for some time. And funding  
> specifically for this, as well as a JNI interface to SPICE, has been  
> provided by NASA’s Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS)  
> program office.
> NAIF’s decision to build the JNI interface first, followed by the  
> Python interface, was based on the relative number of requests for  
> both of these capabilities.
> The Alpha-test release of a very substantial JNI interface will  
> become available to interested users in January. (If you’d like to  
> participate in this testing and have not already advised NAIF of  
> this, please do so now.)
> While a good deal of work has already been accomplished on the  
> Python interface, the continuation of this work will be limited in  
> the near future because of more pressing demands on NAIF:   
> completion of an extension to the shape model subsystem that will  
> add both a tessellated shape model and a digital elevation model  
> capability; teaching two SPICE classes; and more.
> There is a great deal of backlogged work awaiting the attention of  
> NAIF; unfortunately the small size of the NAIF Team makes progress  
> slow.
> The NAIF Team is pleased there are many folks who have found SPICE  
> helpful, and we are always happy to hear comments that can help  
> guide our future work.
> Charles Acton
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