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Dear all,

I would like to renew my call for a Python interface for SPICE, and I think, this time, I even have very good arguments! ;)

Dear SPICE Users--

Based on user requests, development of a Python interface to SPICE has been on the NAIF work list for some time. And funding specifically for this, as well as a JNI interface to SPICE, has been provided by NASA's Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS) program office.

NAIF's decision to build the JNI interface first, followed by the Python interface, was based on the relative number of requests for both of these capabilities.

The Alpha-test release of a very substantial JNI interface will become available to interested users in January. (If you'd like to participate in this testing and have not already advised NAIF of this, please do so now.)

While a good deal of work has already been accomplished on the Python interface, the continuation of this work will be limited in the near future because of more pressing demands on NAIF:  completion of an extension to the shape model subsystem that will add both a tessellated shape model and a digital elevation model capability; teaching two SPICE classes; and more.

There is a great deal of backlogged work awaiting the attention of NAIF; unfortunately the small size of the NAIF Team makes progress slow.

The NAIF Team is pleased there are many folks who have found SPICE helpful, and we are always happy to hear comments that can help guide our future work.

Charles Acton

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