[Spice_discussion] Question about Julia interface to SPICE

Acton, Charles H (392N) charles.h.acton at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Sep 28 08:14:51 PDT 2014

Gregory Lemieux   gregory.lemieux at sslmda.com<mailto:gregory.lemieux at sslmda.com>    asks this list:

"Has anyone tried utilizing the SPICE toolkit with the Julia Language (http:=
//julialang.org/) since its development a couple years ago?  I'm fairly new=
 to the astrodynamics field and I'm currently pursuing classes in computati=
onal math to fill in the holes in my knowledge and experience.  I that purs=
uit, I'm seeing a few classes here and there being taught that utilize Juli=
a.  The little that I've tinkered with it has been promising, but I'm curio=
us to see if the language has seen adoption in the community given that it =
can call C and FORTRAN functions more or less directly."

Please respond directly to Gregory if you have any comments.

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