[Spice_discussion] Python support for SPICE

Chris Piker chris-piker at uiowa.edu
Thu Sep 25 15:50:02 PDT 2014

Bill Thompson

There have been two unofficial python wrappers generated for spice. 
Here's mine if you want it:


And I know there is another one floating around.  I'll be curious to 
hear if we will be getting an official pySpice some day.

On 09/25/2014 05:35 PM, William Thompson wrote:
> The Solar Orbiter project is planning on using SPICE kernels for their
> orbit and attitude files.  Solar scientists have traditionally used IDL
> for their data analysis, and SPICE is well supported in IDL.  However,
> there's a desire in a number of teams to start using Python instead.
> What's the status of incorporating the SPICE software into Python?
> Bill Thompson

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