[Spice_discussion] SPICE libraries for g77

Ed Wright (JPL) Edward.D.Wright at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Nov 11 15:50:31 PST 2008

To: William Thompson
From: Ed Wright

On Nov 10, 2008, at 12:57 PM, William Thompson wrote:

> I have a short Fortran program that I've been running under Mac OSX  
> on the older
> PowerPC platform.  It uses the SPICE libraries spicelib.a and  
> support.a.  I now
> want to port this to the new Intel Mac platform.  However, it  
> appears that these
> libraries don't work with the g77 compiler, and require something  
> called "ifort"
> which looks to be a commercial product.  Is it possible to  
> recompile these
> libraries for use with g77 or some other freeware Fortran compiler?
> Bill Thompson

As of this date NAIF supports only one Fortran compiler on the Intel  
the Intel produced "ifort" compiler.

NAIF does not and will not support g77 on the Intel Mac since support  
development for g77 ended at the time of the GCC 4.0 distribution. A
Mac Intel g77 does exist, but a bug in that version of the compiler  
an error during compilation of a critical SPICE routine (zztime.f)

The current GCC distribution includes gfortran, the successor to g77.  
will provide gfortran distributions for OS X and Linux in N63. My tests
showed no problems compiling with gfortran an N62 Linux package on an  
Intel Mac.

As always,
Ed Wright
ed.wright at jpl.nasa.gov

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