[Spice_discussion] SPICE libraries for g77

William Thompson William.T.Thompson at nasa.gov
Mon Nov 10 12:57:42 PST 2008

I have a short Fortran program that I've been running under Mac OSX on the older 
PowerPC platform.  It uses the SPICE libraries spicelib.a and support.a.  I now 
want to port this to the new Intel Mac platform.  However, it appears that these 
libraries don't work with the g77 compiler, and require something called "ifort" 
which looks to be a commercial product.  Is it possible to recompile these 
libraries for use with g77 or some other freeware Fortran compiler?

Bill Thompson

William Thompson
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Code 671
Greenbelt, MD  20771

William.T.Thompson at nasa.gov

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