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Ed Wright ed.wright at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 17 08:56:53 PST 2005

To: Pär-Ola Nilsson
From: Ed Wright

On Nov 17, 2005, at 4:50 AM, Pär-Ola Nilsson wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm trying to compile the cspice library on a 64bit Debian Linux  
> system. compiling the library and executables works flawless but  
> running does not.
> Trying:
> commnt -r VEX/kernels/ck/ATPV_P______051109_00001.BC
> I get:

Thank you for including the error message.

> ======================================================================= 
> =========
> Toolkit version: N0058
> This version of SPICELIB was originally packaged by NAIF for PC  
> hardware using
> LINUX with the GCC compiler. This environment has a binary file format  
> of
> LTL-IEEE; however the software is running on an environment that has a  
> binary
> file format of UNKNOWN. This is a severe problem and may be because the
> software package was intended for use on a different computer system.  
> It also
> may be the result of an improper port; please contact NAIF.
> A traceback follows.  The name of the highest level module is first.
> ======================================================================= 
> =========
> Is there an easy way to fix this or do I have to wait for the next  
> release?

I assume you used the standard NAIF Linux toolkit for this compile.  
SPICELIB includes platform/architecture dependent routines with build  
scripts cast for particular compiler. I have little experience with 64  
bit debian and so cannot competently diagnose the problem. An educate  
guess is that the record size coded into SPICELIB differs from that  
used by the 64 bit debian.

I'll try to obtain access to a 64 bit debian for some tests.

> Regards
> Pär-Ola
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> Pär-Ola Nilsson
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