[Spice_discussion] clock type 0 error

Aimee Mostella amostella at swri.edu
Thu Jun 2 07:15:56 PDT 2005


I recently started using SPICE with IDL.  When trying to convert a 
string of UTC format time to ticks with the following line:

cspice_sctiks, -226, '0:15:0', tictol

I get the following message:

CSPICE_SCTIKS: SPICE(NOTSUPPORTED): [scticks_c->SCTIKS] Clock type 0 is 
not supported.

I'm supposing this means that SPICE time conversion routines will not 
work with data from -226, Rosetta, because it does not recognize or 
cannot communicate with the clock in use on the spacecraft.  If this is 
so, are there routines to convert time which do not require LSK or SCLK 
kernels which will still take into effect leap seconds?  Or, is there 
some repository or database or website I may go to determine the number 
of leapseconds to add/subtract for the time period of interest?

Thank you,

Aimee Mostella

Aimee Mostella
Research Analyst
Space Science Division
Southwest Research Institute
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