[Spice_discussion] IK question

Boris Semenov Boris.Semenov at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Dec 6 14:48:38 PST 2005

Hello Aimee --

Rosetta data archiving team working together with NAIF have already put 
made and released for review a draft version of the RPC instrument 
kernel file proving some data for the IES (since it is a part of RPC 
experiment). This IK is available on the ESTEC Rosetta server:


and on the NAIF server:


It may be best if you start with reviewing this IK and then will work 
directly with Jorge Diaz of ESTEC (jdiaz at rssd.esa.int) and me to modify 
and/or augment it with geometry information needed for processing IES data.

Boris Semenov.

Aimee Mostella wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm creating an instrument kernel for the IES instrument on the Rosetta 
> spacecraft.  It is similar to the PEPE instrument on Deep Space 1.  I 
> read the SPICE instrument kernel tutorial which describes how to write 
> the IK such that the data could be accessed through the getfov 
> function.  However, because of the design of the IES instrument, this 
> would result in a rectangular shaped fov with a boresight vector and 
> only two boundary vectors instead of four.  This is because the 
> rectangular instrument fov wraps around to form a cylinder so that the 
> two upper boundary vectors are equivalent and the two lower boundary 
> vectors are also equivalent.  I was looking at the PEPE IK and noticed 
> that it was written such that the boundaries of each bin are defined by 
> the respective bin id, a bin lower boundary and a bin upper boundary.  
> This seems much more appropriate for the IES instrument.  Which one is 
> the correct format for the IES instrument kernel?  Also, should the 
> vectors describing the fov be in the IES frame?  
> Thanks
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