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Aimee Mostella amostella at swri.edu
Tue Dec 6 14:29:37 PST 2005


I'm creating an instrument kernel for the IES instrument on the  
Rosetta spacecraft.  It is similar to the PEPE instrument on Deep  
Space 1.  I read the SPICE instrument kernel tutorial which describes  
how to write the IK such that the data could be accessed through the  
getfov function.  However, because of the design of the IES  
instrument, this would result in a rectangular shaped fov with a  
boresight vector and only two boundary vectors instead of four.  This  
is because the rectangular instrument fov wraps around to form a  
cylinder so that the two upper boundary vectors are equivalent and  
the two lower boundary vectors are also equivalent.  I was looking at  
the PEPE IK and noticed that it was written such that the boundaries  
of each bin are defined by the respective bin id, a bin lower  
boundary and a bin upper boundary.  This seems much more appropriate  
for the IES instrument.  Which one is the correct format for the IES  
instrument kernel?  Also, should the vectors describing the fov be in  
the IES frame?


Aimee Mostella
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Southwest Research Institute
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