[Spice_discussion] quarternion definition

Ryosuke NAKAMURA ryosuke at selene.tksc.jaxa.jp
Fri Dec 31 00:53:48 PST 2004

Dear SPICE guys.

The tutorial on CK says:

>The quaternion returned by M2Q follows SPICE-style which is differentfrom the quaternion styles used by some other sources of orientationdata, for example spacecraft telemetry. ?See headers of M2Q and Q2M routines and Rotations Requiredreading document for more details.?NAIF also prepared and can provide a “white paper” explaining differences between various quaternion styles commonly used inspace applications.

I do not understand the difference between SPICE and Non-SPICE style
even after checking the specifed headers and documents. Where can I find the
"white paper"?


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