[Spice_discussion] Re: Planetary Masses

Diane Conner Diane.Conner at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Jan 30 13:21:04 PST 2003


Cassini has made such a file.  Please see:

I believe it is based upon de405.


At 1:00 PM -0800 1/30/03, Nicole Rappaport wrote:
>Dear Friends:
>This is my first time using spice_discussion and I am not sure I am
>doing the right thing.  Chuck, could you either confirm that I did it
>right or, otherwise,  tell me how to do it right?
>We need a PCK file of planetary masses that are consistent with the
>latest planetary ephemerides (de405).  Once upon a time, I tried to make
>such a PCK file and then realized that there were a lot of information I
>did not have.  The NAIF people are the best to generate this PCK file.
>One example of instance in which we need this PCK file is for PREDICTS,
>but there are many other instances.
>I would appreciate comments.

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