[Spice_announce] August 2013 SPICE Newsletter is now available

Acton, Charles H (392N) charles.h.acton at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Aug 20 14:50:22 PDT 2013

A SPICE Newsletter (PDF format) for August 2013 is now available.


Table of contents:

   No new leap second in December

   New planetary/lunar ephemeris has been released (DE430)

   Updates to NAIF's "Data" web pages

   News on the WebGeocalc GUI interface to SPICE

   Digital Shape Kernel news

   Status of the next Toolkit release (N65)

  Geometry finder subsystem news


   Python SPICE

  SPICE-aware Tools List

  Updates to the generic SPKs

  SPICE Tutorials

  SPICE Training

  Planetary Flight Projects using SPICE (current and future)

  Upcoming NASA Senior Review for NAIF/PDS

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