[Spice_announce] New generic PcK: pck00010.tpc

Acton, Charles H (343N) charles.h.acton at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Oct 24 08:30:24 PDT 2011

October 24, 2011

A new generic Planetary Constants Kernel (PcK) is now available on the
NAIF server using 
the ftp protocol at this location:


One may access the file using http protocol at this location:


The new PcK is named pck00010.tpc. It is based on the ³Report of the IAU
Working Group on Cartographic
Coordinates and Rotational Elements: 2009." It is a text kernel, thus
easily viewed with any text display
tool. As usual it is highly documented, so users are advised to read the
introductory remarks and the
comment sections pertaining to the data of interest.

A separate, Mars-only PcK will be released shortly; this will contain the
very latest Mars orienation
data that have not yet been published by the IAU.

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