[Spice_announce] Bug in N0059 SPICE Toolkit: N0060 to be the replacement

Charles H. Acton Charles.H.Acton at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Dec 16 17:21:39 PST 2005

  On December 13, 2005, a significant bug was found in the Fortran, C, 
and IDL N0059 SPICE Toolkits (a.k.a. N59). This bug results in 
corruption of data read from high precision binary earth PCK files.

A second, probably rarely encountered, effect of the bug is that data 
will be corrupted when read directly from routine TISBOD (tisbod_c in 
CSPICE, cspice_tisbod in Icy), in cases where the input reference 
frame name doesn't match the frame associated with the data in the 
source PCK.

The bug has been fixed and new tests have been added to NAIF's test 
utilities to cover this portion of the code.

New packages for all supported platforms will be available on the 
NAIF server and website by 12/21, possibly a day earlier. The new 
packages will be given the N0060 (N60) identifier.

NAIF apologizes for this problem.
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