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The number of files for each SPICE kernel type is shown in the table below for the missions specified. An asterisk (*) indicates that one or more non-kernel files are also present; usually this is an 'aareadme' file that explains the kernel file naming convention. The count of the number of kernels is made ONLY in the primary directory; in some cases there are additional kernels in a subdirectory (for instance, older versions of kernels that have been replaced with newer versions).

Outer Planet Missions

Mission ck ek fk ik lsk pck sclk spk
CASSINI* 5695* 533* 23* 13* 6* 404* 122* 4904*
GALILEO* 26 0   7 2 3 1 12*
JUNO* 634*   5* 13* 4* 3* 51* 352*
NEW HORIZONS*                
PIONEER 10*               1
PIONEER 11               2*
VOYAGER 1, 2* 12   2 4 0* 0* 2 11*

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