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  • 11/16/16 - NAIF is looking for another new team member. Read a description of the position and qualifications.

  • 10/24/16 - NAIF is pleased to announce that Maria Liukis has joined the NAIF team.

  • 09/30/16 - NAIF offers congratulations to ESA's Rosetta Mission team for a fantastic mission.

  • 09/23/16 - Completion of the next Toolkit, version N66, is taking longer than expected. We are now anticipating release of the suite of N66 Toolkits in December 2016.

  • 07/26/16 - The International Earth Rotation Service (IERS) has announced that a new, positive leap second will be added at end of day (midnight) on December 31, 2016. This new leap second will affect time conversions for times occurring only on and after January 01, 2017.

    The leapseconds kernels (LSK) on the NAIF server have already been updated accordingly. The two versions, one for Unix/Linux/Mac (naif0012.tls) and one for PCs running Windows (naif0012.tls.pc) are available from the usual location on the NAIF server:

    These new LSKs should be used starting now in any SPICE-based applications dealing with time conversions for times occurring on or after January 01, 2017, unless you wish to maintain consistency with a previously generated product.

  • 04/21/16 - An April 2016 SPICE Newsletter is now available, providing updates and status on a variety of SPICE-related topics.

  • 04/19/16 - A new set of the SPICE Tutorials has been uploaded to the NAIF server. Many—but not all—have been updated since the last update of May 2014.

  • 12/21/15 - NAIF announces release of Version 3.0 of the SPICE-enhanced Cosmographia mission visualization tool. Read the PDF release announcement here.

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