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PDS SPICE Archives

Missions for which NAIF has archived some or all of the SPICE data are listed in the table below. Click on aareadme in the "Archive Overview" column for a particular mission to bring up an overview of the SPICE archive volume for that mission. The aareadme files that are in HTML format (most of them) include direct links to the various descriptive documents.

Click on the link in the "Volume FTP Link" column to jump to the top of the volume -- the point from which you can browse the volume contents.

The archived data go only as far as the "Stop Time" shown in the table, which is typically three to twelve months behind "real time" for missions that are ongoing. If you need more recent data, go to the Operational Flight Project Kernels link.

To download the complete data set use the URL of the link in the "Volume FTP Link" column in wget or a similar download utility, such as FileZilla. See download help for additional details.

Some SPICE dataset collections are very large and may be impractical to download in their entirety. To download a subset of a data set covering a particular time interval, click "subset" under the "Data Set Subsetter Link" column and follow the instructions on the page that appears.

Project-specific Notes:
The subsetting service will NOT download Cassini EKs, instrument-specific CKs, and Cassini-specific PCKs. (It will provide the latest generic PCK, however.)

Mission Name Archive Overview Volume FTP Link Data Size (gbytes) Start Time Stop Time Data Set Subsetter Link
Cassini Orbiter aareadme.htm cosp_1000 47.4 1997-10-15 2014-09-30 subset
Clementine aareadme.htm clsp_1000 0.8 1994-01-26 1994-05-07 subset
DAWN aareadme.htm dawnsp_1000 13.5 2007-09-27 2012-09-13 subset
Deep Impact aareadme.htm disp_1000 0.7 2005-01-12 2005-08-09 subset
Deep Space 1 aareadme.htm ds1sp_1000 0.9 1998-10-24 2001-12-18 subset
EPOXI aareadme.htm epxsp_1000 1.0 2005-08-23 2011-03-01 subset
GRAIL aareadme.htm grlsp_1000 4.3 2011-09-10 2012-12-17 subset
Hayabusa aareadme.htm haysp_1000 0.3 2005-09-11 2005-11-19 subset
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter aareadme.htm lrosp_1000 201.2 2009-06-18 2015-03-15 subset
MER 1 (Opportunity) aareadme.htm mer1sp_1000 3.7 2003-07-07 2014-12-13 subset
MER 2 (Spirit) aareadme.htm mer2sp_1000 2.6 2003-06-10 2010-05-03 subset
MESSENGER aareadme.htm messsp_1000 25.7 2004-08-03 2014-09-17 subset
Mars Express AAREADME.TXT mexsp_1000 2.1 2003-06-02 2013-04-30 subset
Mars Global Surveyor aareadme.htm mgsp_1000 15.4 1996-11-06 2006-11-02 subset
Mars Odyssey aareadme.htm odsp_1000 17.6 2001-04-07 2014-09-30 subset
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter aareadme.htm mrosp_1000 163.6 2005-08-12 2015-04-01 subset
Mars Science Laboratory aareadme.htm mslsp_1000 0.3 2011-11-26 2014-11-10 subset
NEAR aareadme.htm nearsp_1000 2.4 1996-05-30 2001-02-28 subset
New Horizons aareadme.htm nhsp_1000 1.2 2006-01-19 2014-08-29 subset
Rosetta AAREADME.TXT rossp_1000 0.3 2004-03-02 2011-12-31 subset
Stardust aareadme.htm sdsp_1000 1.9 1999-02-07 2011-05-01 subset
Venus Express AAREADME.TXT vexsp_1000 0.6 2005-11-09 2012-11-30 subset
Viking Orbiter aareadme.htm vosp_1000 0.1 1976-06-16 1980-07-30 subset

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