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   CSPICE_DSKB02 return bookkeeping data from a DSK type 2 segment.

   For important details concerning this module's function, please refer to
   the CSPICE routine dskb02_c.



      handle    the handle of a DSK file containing a type 2
                segment from which data are to be fetched.

      dladsc    the DLA descriptor associated with the segment
                from which data are to be fetched.

   the call:

      cspice_dskb02, handle, dladsc, nv, np, nvxtot, vtxbds, voxsiz, $
                     voxori, vgrext, cgscal, vtxnpl, voxnpt, voxnpl


      nv        the number of vertices belonging to the specified plate

      np        the number of plates belonging to the specified plate

      nvxtot    Total number of voxels in fine grid.

      vtxbds    Vertex bounds. This is an array of six values giving
                the minimum and maximum values of each component of
                the vertex set. Units are km.

      voxsiz    Fine grid voxel size.  DSK voxels are cubes; the edge
                length of each cube is given by the voxel size.  This
                size applies to the fine voxel grid.  Units are km.

      voxori    Voxel grid origin.  This is the location of the voxel
                grid origin in the body-fixed frame associated with
                the target body.  Units are km.

      vgrext    Voxel grid extent.  This extent is an array of three
                integers indicating the number of voxels in the X, Y, and
                Z directions in the fine voxel grid.

      cgscal    Coarse voxel grid scale.  The extent of the fine voxel
                grid is related to the extent of the coarse voxel grid by
                this scale factor.

      vtxnpl    Vertex-plate correspondence list size.

      voxnpt    Size of the voxel-to-plate pointer list.

      voxnpl    Voxel-plate correspondence list size.


   Any numerical results shown for this example may differ between
   platforms as the results depend on the SPICE kernels used as input
   and the machine specific arithmetic implementation.

   Dump several parameters from the first DLA segment of
   a DSK file. The segment is assumed to be of type 2.

      PRO DSKB02_T, dsk
         ;; Open the DSK file for read access. We use the
         ;; DAS-level interface for this function.
         cspice_dasopr, dsk, handle
         ;; Begin a forward search through the kernel. In
         ;; this example, it's a very short search.
         cspice_dlabfs, handle, dladsc, found
         if ( ~found ) then begin
            message, 'SPICE(NOSEGMENT): No segment found in file '+ dsk
         while ( found ) do begin
            ;; If we made it this far, DLADSC is the
            ;; DLA descriptor of the first segment.
            ;; Read and display type 2 bookkeeping data.
            cspice_dskb02, handle, dladsc, nv, np, nvxtot,  $
                           vtxbds, voxsiz, voxori, vgrext,  $
                           cgscal, vtxnpl, voxnpt, voxnpl
            print, 'Number of vertices:                 ', nv
            print, 'Number of plates:                   ', np
            print, 'Number of voxels:                   ', nvxtot
            print, 'Vertex bounds in X direction (km):  ', vtxbds[*,0]
            print, 'Vertex bounds in Y direction (km):  ', vtxbds[*,1]
            print, 'Vertex bounds in Z direction (km):  ', vtxbds[*,2]
            print, 'Voxel edge length (km):             ', voxsiz
            print, 'Voxel grid origin (km):             ', voxori
            print, 'Voxel grid extents:                 ', vgrext
            print, 'Coarse voxel grid scale:            ', cgscal
            print, 'Size of vertex-plate list:          ', vtxnpl
            print, 'Size of voxel-plate pointer array:  ', voxnpt
            print, 'Size of voxel-plate list:           ', voxnpl
            ;; Search for the segment after that described by 'dladsc'.
            ;; 'found' returns as false if no such segment located.
            cspice_dlafns, handle, dladsc, nxtdsc, found
            dladsc = nxtdsc
         ;; Close the kernel. This frees program and system resources.
         cspice_dascls, handle

   IDL outputs:
      IDL> dskb02_t, 'phobos512.bds'
      Number of vertices:                      1579014
      Number of plates:                        3145728
      Number of voxels:                       11914500
      Vertex bounds in X direction (km):        -13.440030       12.762800
      Vertex bounds in Y direction (km):        -11.520650       12.061140
      Vertex bounds in Z direction (km):        -9.5707800       10.055000
      Voxel edge length (km):                   0.10424830
      Voxel grid origin (km):         -14.073520   -11.988554   -9.9035881
      Voxel grid extents:                      260         235         195
      Coarse voxel grid scale:                       5
      Size of vertex-plate list:              11010050
      Size of voxel-plate pointer array:       1151500
      Size of voxel-plate list:                6419540


   This routine supports computations involving bookkeeping information
   stored in DSK type 2 segments. User applications typically will not
   need to call this routine.

   DSK files are built using the DLA low-level format and the DAS
   architecture; DLA files are a specialized type of DAS file in which
   data are organized as a doubly linked list of segments.  Each
   segment's data belong to contiguous components of character, double
   precision, and integer type.

Required Reading



   -Icy Version 1.0.0, 13-DEC-2016, ML (JPL), EDW (JPL)


   fetch parameters from a type 2 dsk segment

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