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Required Reading


   CSPICE_CELLI creates an integer Icy data cell of defined



      size   a scalar integer describing the number of elements in the
             cell's integer data array.

   the call:

      cell = cspice_celli( size )


      cell   a scalar IDL structure composed of fields
             corresponding to a CSPICE cell.

             OFFSET     A 9-vector of IDL_MEMINT offsets for each of the 
                        structure fields with respect to the beginning of the 
                        Element 0 of the array contains the offset to the DTYPE
                        field; element 1 of the array contains the offset to 
                        the LENGTH field, etc.
                        This array has no function in a cell sense.
                        The Icy cell implementation uses the 'OFFSET' 
                        values to locate data fields within the IDL structure.
             DTYPE      Data type of cell: an integer scalar defining the type  
                        of data stored in the cell data array.
             LENGTH     For character cells, the integer scalar declared length 
                        of the cell's string array.
             SIZE       An integer scalar defining the maximum number of data
                        items that can be stored in the cell's data array.
             CARD       The cell's "cardinality": the integer scalar defining
                        the number of data items currently present in the cell 
                        Note CARD <= SIZE.
                        This field has value 0 after cell creation.
             ISSET      A boolean scalar flag indicating whether the cell is a 
                        SPICE set. Sets have no duplicate data items, and their
                        data items are stored in increasing order.
             ADJUST     A boolean scalar flag indicating whether the cell's 
                        data area has adjustable size.  Adjustable size cell 
                        data areas are not currently implemented.
             INIT       A boolean scalar flag indicating whether the cell is 
             BASE       The array of type DTYPE with 'SIZE' + 'DATA' elements 
                        (an N-vector, N = SIZE + DATA)
             DATA       The offset from the first element of the 'BASE' array
                        to the cell data. This field has value 
                        SPICE_CELL_CTRLSZ (defined in SpiceCel.h), referred to 
                        as the control segment size.


      ;; Create a cell containing an integer 8-vector.
      cell = cspice_celli( 8 )
      help, cell, /struct

   IDL outputs:
      ** Structure <304fa10>, 10 tags, length=116, data length=115, refs=1:
         OFFSET          LONG      Array[9]
         DTYPE           LONG                 2
         LENGTH          LONG                 0
         SIZE            LONG                 8
         CARD            LONG                 0
         ISSET           BYTE         1
         ADJUST          BYTE         0
         INIT            BYTE         0
         BASE            LONG      Array[14]
         DATA            LONG                 6

      Note the length of the BASE field equals the defined SIZE, 8,
      plus the value of the DATA offset, 6.
      Access to the cell data array is best done using the Icy calls, but
      if necessary a user can directly manipulate the data.
      Extract the data array:

         ;; Where 'array' has cardinality 'CARD', assumed as non-zero
         ;; for this example.
         data_start =
         data_end   = data_start + cell.card - 1
         array      = cell.base[ data_start:data_end]


   A cell as used in Icy is a structure similar to the CSPICE expression
   of a cell; all fields present in the CSPICE cell exist in the Icy version.
   The DATA field defines the offset from the start of the BASE array to
   the beginning of the cell array data. The first DATA elements of BASE
   serve as control information.

Required Reading



   -Icy Version 1.0.2, 19-JAN-2009, EDW (JPL)

      Edited Examples sections to show use of the cardinality field,
      ".card," (correct) instead of the size field, ".size," (incorrect).
      Eliminated the code showing direct writes to the cell data field. 
      Users should call Icy routines to change cell data.
   -Icy Version 1.0.1, 12-SEP-2006, EDW (JPL)

      Correct Required Reading citation CELL.REQ to CELLS.REQ.

   -Icy Version 1.0.0, 01-AUG-2004, EDW (JPL)


   create an integer cell

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