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   CSPICE_BODS2C translates a string containing a body name or ID code to the
   corresponding SPICE integer code.

   For important details concerning this module's function, please refer to
   the CSPICE routine bods2c_c.



      name   the scalar string containing the name or ID code of a body or
             object, such as a planet, satellite, comet, asteroid, barycenter,
             DSN station, spacecraft, or instrument.

             If `name' contains the name of a body or object, that name must be
             "known" to the SPICE system, whether through hard-coded
             registration or run-time registration in the SPICE kernel pool.

             Case and leading and trailing blanks in `name' are not significant.
             However when a name is made up of more than one word, they must be
             separated by at least one blank.  That is, all of the following
             strings are equivalent names:

                     'JUPITER BARYCENTER'
                     'Jupiter Barycenter'
                     'JUPITER BARYCENTER   '
                     'JUPITER    BARYCENTER'
                     '   JUPITER BARYCENTER'

             However, 'JUPITERBARYCENTER' is not equivalent to the names above.

             If NAME is a string representation of an integer, for example


             the string will be translated to the equivalent integer datum. The
             input integer need not be one recognized by the SPICE system:  the
             integer need not be a built-in NAIF ID code, nor need it be
             associated with a name via run-time registration.

   the call:

      cspice_bods2c, name, code, found


      code    the scalar integer returning the code(s) for 'name' if 'name'
              contains the name(s) of a body or object as determined by the
              SPICE name-code mapping subsystem. If the input argument 'name'
              represents an integer, the same integer is returned in 'code'.

              'code' is assigned a value only if 'found' returns
              as true; otherwise it is returned unchanged.

      found   a scalar boolean with value TRUE if 'name' has a translation.
              Otherwise, 'found' is FALSE.


   Any numerical results shown for this example may differ between
   platforms as the results depend on the SPICE kernels used as input
   and the machine specific arithmetic implementation.

      ;; Define an array of strings. Attempt to
      ;; convert each to a corresponding integer
      ;; ID value.
      name = [ 'Cassini',    '399',  $
               'Planet Bob', 'MARS', $
               '-123456',    '987654']

      for i=0, (n_elements(name) - 1) do begin

         ;; Loop over each element in 'name'.
         cspice_bods2c, name[i], code, found

         ;; Respond depending on the value of 'found'.
         if ( found ) then begin
             print, 'Name and corresponding code: ', name[i], code
         endif else begin
             print, 'No code corresponding to   : ', name[i]


   IDL outputs:

      Name and corresponding code:  Cassini      -82
      Name and corresponding code:  399           399
      No code corresponding to   :  Planet Bob
      Name and corresponding code:  MARS          499
      Name and corresponding code:  -123456      -123456
      Name and corresponding code:  987654        987654


   cspice_bods2c is one of five related subroutines,

      cspice_bods2c      Body string to code
      cspice_bodc2s      Body code to string
      cspice_bodn2c      Body name to code
      cspice_bodc2n      Body code to name
      cspice_boddef      Body name/code definition

   cspice_bods2c, cspice_bodc2s, cspice_bodn2c, and cspice_bodc2n
   perform translations between body names and their corresponding
   integer ID codes which are used in SPICE files and routines.

   cspice_bods2c is a slightly more general version of cspice_bodn2c:
   support for strings containing ID codes in string format enables a caller
   to identify a body using a string, even when no name is associated with
   that body.

   cspice_bodc2s is a general version of cspice_bodc2n; the routine returns
   either the name assigned in the body ID to name mapping or a string
   representation of the 'code' value if no mapping exists.

   cspice_boddef assigns a body name to ID mapping. The mapping has
   priority in name-to-ID and ID-to-name translations.

   Refer to NAIF_IDS.REQ for the list of name/code associations built
   into SPICE, and for details concerning adding new name/code
   associations at run time by loading text kernels.

Required Reading



   -Icy Version 1.0.2, 29-APR-2011, EDW (JPL)

      Edits to I/O section so as to parallel Mice version.

   -Icy Version 1.0.1, 16-MAY-2009, EDW (JPL)

      Edit to Particulars section to document the cspice_bodc2s routine.
      Extended argument descriptions in the I/O section.

   -Icy Version 1.0.0, 22-SEP-2004, EDW (JPL)


   body name to code

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