[Spice_discussion] CSPICE on M1 Apple-Silicon Macs

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Fri Mar 5 08:01:22 PST 2021

To: R Manikantan
From: Edward Wright

As of now, no work on an Apple ARM64 Mac by NAIF. We built and successfully tested CSPICE on the Raspberry Pi platform, so I believe an ARM64 build a solvable problem.

What compile errors did you observe?

As always,
Edward Wright

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Subject: [Spice_discussion] CSPICE on M1 Apple-Silicon Macs

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of us have successfully compiled and using CSPICE library on the new Apple Silicon (ARM64) M1 Macs?

I got the gcc from Apple via Developer-Tools / XCODE package, but ran into certain compilation errors in the process. It would be good to know if anyone had already run into / solved issues on this front..

Thanks & Regards,
R Manikantan
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