[Spice_discussion] SPICE.jl: A Julia wrapper for CSPICE

Helge Eichhorn helge at helgeeichhorn.de
Mon Apr 22 00:08:21 PDT 2019

Dear all,

I am happy to announce the first release of SPICE.jl (
https://github.com/JuliaAstro/SPICE.jl) a community Julia (
https://julialang.org) wrapper for CSPICE. As the version number indicates
(0.1.0), it should be considered a beta release. SPICE.jl covers most
CSPICE functions except for those that already exist in Julia's standard
library or can be approximated with a Julia one-liner.

Thanks to Andrew Annex whose SpiceyPy served as inspiration. The
comprehensive test suite of SPICE.jl is also based on SpiceyPy's.

If there are (potential) Julia users among the SPICE community, please give
SPICE.jl a try and report feedback and any issues you might encounter on
the GitHub page above.

Best regards,
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