[Spice_discussion] SpiceyPy 2.0.0 has been released!

Andrew Annex aannex1 at jhu.edu
Fri Jun 9 20:42:51 PDT 2017

Hello Spice/Python Users,

I am happy to announce that SpiceyPy 2.0.0 has been released and is available for immediate installation using the pip or conda package managers. For those out of the loop, SpiceyPy is a python wrapper/interface for CSPICE in the same way that ICY and MICE are wrappers for SPICE in IDL and Matlab.

This release marks the first SpiceyPy release that supports N66 of SPICE including DSK kernel support. A few other changes that are important to note: functions that require known returned string lengths have been simplified and that 32-bit support is no longer guaranteed or tested for.

Most of the new functions that have been added to SPICE from N66 are supported with working tests, with exception to most of the low level DSK functions at the moment. A detailed list of supported/unsupported N66 functions is available at https://github.com/AndrewAnnex/SpiceyPy/wiki/N66-upgrade, and the change log is available at https://github.com/AndrewAnnex/SpiceyPy/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md. More detailed changes can be observed directly in the git commit history.

I do not anticipate any major compatibility issues for code written against older SpiceyPy versions, and any changes required to switch should be very minor.

For more information, please visit the github page for SpiceyPy at https://github.com/AndrewAnnex/SpiceyPy. If you run into issues please post an issue on the github repository with a description of the problem including details about your system.


Andrew Annex

JHU Earth & Planetary Science graduate student
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