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NAIF does not have one, or a set of, SPKs and FKs for terrestrial optical observatories. (We do have an SPK and FK for the large number of terrestrial communications stations available in the "NASA Directory of Station Locations," or NDOSL, since some of these are used for at least one mission supported by NAIF/SPICE.)

If a machine readable list of observatory names and accurate locations exists, one could generate a corresponding SPK and FK using the SPICE PINPOINT application available from the NAIF server here:


This is the tool we use to make SPKs and FKs for the DSN and NDOSL stations.

Perhaps you'd like to give that tool a try?  If so, and you had questions or wanted a bit of review, we could provide that.  Or, at some future date NAIF could make the SPK and FK if you could point out a suitable list to work from.  We can't do that right now, however, since my guys are deeply involved in finishing the next Toolkit release, already behind schedule.

Chuck Acton

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Subject: [Spice_discussion] SPK of IAU Observatories

HORIZONS is aware of IAU observatory codes and locations.  Is there a publicly-available SPK for these observatories?

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