[Spice_discussion] has anyone connected SPICE to Mathematica?

Ed Wright (JPL) Edward.D.Wright at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 27 07:32:55 PDT 2013

To: Steve Peters
From: Edward Wright

On Sep 26, 2013, at 5:04 PM, Steve Peters wrote:

> Hi...
> I would like to connect my Mathematica models to SPICE on my Mac... does anyone have experience doing this?  or on any other platform?
> thanks for any wisdom!

NAIF received a request in 2011 for information concerning a 
CSPICE-Mathematica interface. I do not know the outcome of
the project.

I use Mathematica at a novice level and have considered 
creating a simple proof of concept interface.

Issues to understand with regards to such an interface:

1. Which CSPICE functions do you want to access from Mathematica? Many
CSPICE routines perform functions native to Mathematica - the
Mathematica version being much, much more powerful. Would the
interface provide only access to SPICE kernels or a complete mirror to
CSPICE functionality?

2. Amount of documentation. Mathematic grammar and syntax differs from
other computing environments (extremely in some cases). Writing
complete documentation will require a lot of time.

3. Design. How will the interface respond to SPICE errors and handle
memory allocation/deallocation.

As always,
Edward Wright (JPL)
Edward.D.Wright at jpl.nasa.gov

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