[Spice_discussion] L_s MK

Nat Bachman nathaniel.bachman at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 30 21:57:06 PDT 2012

Hi Michael,

I noticed some typos in the meta-kernel I sent you.
I've attached an updated file.

There's no impact on the example program's results.


Nathaniel.Bachman at jpl.nasa.gov

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   File:                         lspcn.tm
   Author:                       Nat Bachman (JPL/NAIF)
   Date:                         30-MAR-2012

   Example meta-kernel created by Nat Bachman for
   Michael Aye.

   This kernel can be used together with the SPICE GF
   (geometry finder) subsystem to determine times when
   solar longitude L_s with respect to the earth 
   satisfies given constraints.

   The kernels shown here, other than the frame
   kernel, are available from the NAIF server.

      Kernels loaded by this meta-kernel:

         naif0010.tls           Leapseconds

         pck00010.tpc           Generic PCK
                                (provides earth orientation)
         de421.bsp              JPL planetary ephemeris    

         lspcn.tf               Frame kernel specifying the
                                reference frame in which   
                                L_s is measured           

   KERNELS_TO_LOAD = (  'naif0010.tls'
                        'lspcn.tf'    )


 [End of kernel]

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