[Spice_discussion] BADSUBSCRIPT error and the size of voxlst matrix in the alpha_dsk subsystem

Naru Hirata naru at u-aizu.ac.jp
Fri Apr 20 23:10:22 PDT 2012

Dear SPICE folks,

I'm writing a tool with alpha_dsk subsystem, and meet an error that cannot control 
by erract_c().

Occasionally, I meet SPICE(NOTINGRID) errors during geometry calculations. I intend to skip
the error with the RETURN action of erract_c(), and it seems to work.

However, another error SPICE(BADSUBSCRIPT) immediately follows, and then my tool is aborted.

Here is the error message I get.

> ================================================================================
> Toolkit version: N0064
> Ray origin not in voxel grid.
> A traceback follows.  The name of the highest level module is first.
> dskx02_c --> DSKX02 --> XDDA
> ================================================================================
> SPICE(BADSUBSCRIPT): Subscript out of range on file line 967, procedure "dskx02". Attempt to access element 150001 of variable "voxlst".
> A traceback follows. The name of the highest level module is first.
> dskx02_c->DSKX02->XDDA
> Abort trap: 6

In dskx02.c, a matrix voxlst[150000] is defined. Is it possible to expand the size of this 
matrix? Is there any items to be care together with the matrix voxlst?

Additional info: the SPICE(NOTINGRID) error was common when I used the SPICE platelib, it 
could skip with the RETURN action of erract_c(). My tool is migrated from the platelib 
to the alpha_dsk subsystem.

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