[Spice_discussion] Spice_discussion question from Kristen Eisenberg

Nat Bachman nathaniel.bachman at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Sep 5 01:00:27 PDT 2011

Dear Dr. Eisenberg,

Your question appears to be a verbatim copy of that posted by
by Omar Andres Zapata Mesa on July 3, 2011. I sent an answer
to Omar and the spice_discussion board later the same day.
That answer is available on the spice_discussion site; you
can access it here:


If you've already read that reply and are not satisfied with it,
feel free to ask me or any NAIF member more specific questions.

It might be helpful if you were to provide a bit more information about
the SPICE interface you're building.

Our contact info is on the NAIF web site here:


By the way, asking by means of two different posts having
identical contents but sent by two different authors,
about SPICE's handling of distinct kernel files having
identical contents is a nice bit of self-reference.
Douglas Hofstadter would approve.

If for some reason the post that appears on the spice_discussion
board under your name is not actually from you, or if you posted
something other than what shows up on the board, could you
please let us know? Thanks!

Best regards,

   -Nat Bachman (JPL/NAIF)

Nathaniel.Bachman at jpl.nasa.gov

[Spice_discussion] About handlers loading spk kernels.

Hi everyone.
I am writing a c++ interface for spice and I have some questions.
I am loading the kernel using spklef_c(...) and getting the
handler to control the kernel's pool, the questions are:
is the handler an unique value for each kernel?
If I have kernel.bsp and kernel-copy.bsp (the same just renamed)
when I load the kernels the handlers are 1 and 2,
Is the name of the file the criteria to asign the handler?

I am using md5sum to compare if two kernels are loaded and equal, does the
toolkit have some function for that?

Kristen Eisenberg
Billige Flüge Marketing GmbH
Emanuelstr. 3,
10317 Berlin
Telefon: +49 (33) 5310967
Email: utebachmeier at gmail.com

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