[Spice_discussion] using SPICE for non Solar system objects

Christophe Marqué christophe.marque at oma.be
Thu May 12 03:34:31 PDT 2011

Dear spice users,

I'm considering to use Spice for the pointing of a small radio telescope (to observe the Sun). 
Occasionally, I will need to point at a handset of radio-galaxies or radio bright galactic objects
for calibration purposes. 

Having read a bit the tutorials I'm not completely sure that I can use SPICE for these objects. In particular,
 if I want to use built-in Spice functions like geometry finder (for eg GFPOSC), I understand that I need
to define an NAIF Id for the target. Is there a way to do it for stars or galaxies? 
I looked at the star kernels (ek) and the utility programs linked to it, but it is not clear to me how to do it or if it is feasible. 

Best regards,

Christophe  Marque

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