[Spice_discussion] Geocentric Aries Ecliptic coordinates

William Thompson William.T.Thompson at nasa.gov
Thu Oct 7 13:48:19 PDT 2010


This is a little off-topic for this group, but I figure somebody here might know 
the answer to my question.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory mission is providing ephemeris information in 
two coordinate systems, both using the ecliptic reference frame.  In SPICE these 
would be realized with the ECLIPJ2000 reference frame.  One coordinate system is 
heliocentric, and the other is geocentric.

Heliocentric ecliptic coordinates are well known.  In space physics these are 
most commonly known as Heliocentric Aries Ecliptic coordinates, with the 
abbreviation HAE.

The question is, what should the geocentric equivalents be called?  I've not 
found any references which discuss such coordinates in the space physics 
literature.  An obvious answer would be Geocentric Aries Ecliptic, but before 
committing to that, I'm checking with various experts to determine whether 
there's already a commonly used name for such coordinates.

Thank you,

Bill Thompson

William Thompson
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